AXIS FROTH Foil boards 2022

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AXIS FROTH Foil boards 2022

A Design Evolution

AXIS froth is famous for its perfect balance between performance, early lift and ease

of ride – a stable platform that packs plenty of volume into a short length to reduce swing weight and increase your fun while sup or wingfoiling.

Our newest froth retains this personality, but we’ve made some important design changes

– reflecting the movement towards higher aspect, lower drag foil designs that require more speed to lift-off.

First off, we’ve eliminated the angled cut-away on the tail.This increases the length of the planing surface to increase subfoiling speed potential.

We’ve also reduced the rail bevel – in fact it now fades out completely at the tail adding more width to the planing surface and straightening the water flow for even faster acceleration up to foiling speed.

Also noticeable is the pulled in nose with rounded outline, to reduce the chances of catching in rougher water, compared to the more square nose from 2021. 

We’ve increased the thickness and volume up here too, to maintain a balance in

buoyancy that will give you stability when on your knees or stepping up to get going.

A new deck concave gives your feet and toes improved leverage when initiating turns, while feeling safe and secure in a straight line when riding without straps.

Our unique tail pad design ensures any water captured in the concave, flows freely out the back.

Tough PVC foam sandwich with Carbon enhanced construction 

We’ve made this season’s Froth and Pump models even tougher, while significantly increasing the stiffness to help transfer every ounce of your pumping energy into the mast and foil.  Full carbon layers top and bottom add further strength and rigidity to a tough PVC foam sandwich top and bottom. A super high-density foam block encases the mast track from the bottom to the deck, further supported with additional carbon layers.

How to size your AXIS froth board


Unique to AXIS is the large range of sizes that will ensure you can achieve the volume that’s right for you. 


For wingers starting out, we recommend 20-40 litres more than your body weight in kilograms.


Intermediate riders should drop down to roughly the same litres as their body weight (or 10-15 litres above), 


while  Advanced riders can go as small as you dare – the only limit is your athleticism and the steadiness of the wind conditions. If it’s gusty, stay closer to your body weight in litres. SUP foilers will naturally gravitate to the largest sizes in the range.



The Froth 160 and 145 are the largest and highest volume foil boards suited to heavier learners getting into SUP and wing foiling, offering the most stable platform for progression.  Strap inserts have been removed on these sizes


The Froth 135 and 120 are high volume foil boards suited to large riders and average sized novices getting into SUP and wing foiling, offering a very stable platform for progression. 


The Froth 110 and 105 are moderate volume foil boards suited to large/medium weight riders (in gusty areas or as a light wind quiver addition) and light novices getting into wing foiling, offering a stable platform for progression and rapid advancement. Match these with any of the front wing/rear wing combinations. 


The Froth 95, 90 and 85 are medium volume foil boards suited to medium weight intermediate and advanced riders, offering a versatile platform for progression and rapid advancement. Match these with any of the performance front wing/rear wing combinations.



The Froth 75, 65, 55 and 45 are mid/lower volume foil boards suited to medium weight advanced to expert riders for wing foiling, prone foiling and tow foiling, offering a versatile platform for progression and rapid advancement. Match these with any of the  performance front wing/rear wing combinations for the ultimate skill accelerator. These make excellent flat water pump boards.


Length / width/ volume/ footstrap inserts / product code

Please indicate

160 6’8” 32” 160L no AX22FROTH160

145 6’4” 31” 145L no AX22FROTH145

135 5’11” 30” 135L yes AX22FROTH135

120 5’8” 29” 120L yes AX22FROTH120 - 3 available @ £1590 - place deposit to reserve

110 5’6” 28” 110L yes AX22FROTH110 - 3 available @ £1580- place deposit to reserve

105 5’4” 27” 105L yes AX22FROTH105 - 3 available @ £1570- place deposit to reserve

95 5’2” 26” 95L yes AX22FROTH95 - 2 available @ £1555- place deposit to reserve

90 5’1” 25.5” 90L yes AX22FROTH90

85 5’0” 25” 85L yes AX22FROTH85

75 4’10” 24” 75L yes AX22FROTH75

65 4’8” 23.5” 65L yes AX22FROTH65

55 4’6” 23” 55L yes AX22FROTH55

45 4’4” 22” 45L yes AX22FROTH45


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