Starboard 2016 8'6 x 31.5 Hypernut

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Starboard 2016 8'6 x 31.5 Hypernut
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2016 starboard 8’6 x 31.5 Hyper-nut starshot construction .
In good condition no dings just a few areas of the gel coat chipping off (on the nose and rails) although it has rail tape on .
Had a professional US track foil mount installed.

Volume : 140 litres 
SUP surfing 
Great for heavier riders , super stable but fast and reactive .

SUP Foiling 
Stable and predictable , the arch bar fitted allows your rear foot to find its place over the foil for optimum control of the foil rise .A front section of diamond pad was fitted to give the front foot a datum . 

Sold with Quad fins - not pictured
No offers - can arrange delivery or meet on M4 


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