There is lots to learn even if you are an experienced surfer or Waterman.

The basic idea behind Hydrofoiling involves a lifting wing (the ‘hydrofoil’ ) joined to a board. The result- rather like a model aeroplane with a front and rear wing, fuselage and mast - generates lift from the front wing, like that of a glider. One of the easiest forms of foiling to get to grips with is Electric Hydrofoiling - E-foiling for short ! When the board generates enough speed from the electric motor, the rider rises up out of the water and literally hovers above the surface, with the wings of the foil just below the surface. This greatly reduces the drag and friction which means the speed and efficiency of the rider becomes that of a soaring seabird. Surfers and Paddlers have been using either surfboards or SUPs to allow them to literally fly over the water's surface.